Annie Xiao is a Chinese American 3D artist, focuses on the environment and character modeling, character designing, and doll making. She went to Academy of Art University for a 3D Modeling major, graduated back in Dec 2019, and currently enrolled in William & Mary Online MBA program that starts in May 2021.

Her love of Enchanted Doll, created by Mariana Bychkova, inspired her creativity and imagination. With the intent of creating her own unique doll, she dug into traditional organic sculpting, which enhanced her understanding of volume and form during the design process.


After graduation, she works as a freelance artist. She helped more than 50 clients, including the 2K NBA and the Yili Group, to create 3D assets for animation, advertisement, and game projects within a year. She also launched and managed a Wechat official account to share the cutting-edge skills of computer graphics and toy making, as well as the great artists' stories.